Last weekend, we had the opportunity to serve Kim and Matt Stone from Marianna, Florida.  Kim is a well known photographer in her area and she and Matt arrived Friday afternoon after a long drive.  We learned that their home was just 50 miles from where Hurricane Michael made landfall. Although distressed, they decided to make the trip to Virginia to shoot her best friend’s daughter’s wedding.  Somewhat as a reprieve, they were able to escape the chaos for a short weekend.

A quick connection formed between Kim and me and our home became their haven for the next 40 hours.  Through breakfast and other conversations, we began to see God’s divine appointment.

You see, we too, had been praying for those in Florida. We, however had a special request.  Our son, Justin and his family live in Calloway where the greatest devastation occurred.  We had learned that he and his wife and children survived that Wednesday huddled in their bathtub surrounded by mattresses. He had finally called Friday to update us on his situation and talk about his options.  And then the answer came. Matt and Kim would deliver our generator to our son on their way home…Coincidence? I think not.

Relationship is a gift from Father God.  We were blessed by this gift from Kim and Matt as were they from us.  And from the fragrance of this gift, destiny bloomed.  I will forever be thankful to Matt and Kim for their kindness.   And, we look forward to their next visit and our own photo shoot here at Stonehaven!

Enjoy the photos of the wedding dress she took in our Foyer and Parlor.