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~Matthew 13:44~

Meet The Owners

Chris and Jennifer were made for each other. They were brought together through divine Providence in 2004 and have been called to live out their Destiny as Servants in Floyd County Virginia.  Having embarked on this calling in 2015, they moved to Floyd in May of 2018 buying StoneHaven.  It is both a privilege and honor to serve their Lord Jesus Christ in such a breath-taking part of His creation.  

They have two grown sons, Jon and Justin married to Bethany and Janna whom they love without measure.  They are Granddaddy and Gigi to five : Layla, Jemma, Jackson, Jace, and Jonah.  They hope that the value of Destiny living spills over into their lives double-fold.💓

*Matthew 13:44 – (NET)*

“The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure, hidden in a field, that a person found and hid. Then because of joy, he went and sold all he had and bought that field.”

Our Story

Hello. And thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Chris and I would like to share a little of our story with you….

It all started on July 31st, 2015: Our 11th year Anniversary. We felt called to the Virginian Mountains and booked a room at a local Bed and Breakfast. That morning as we hiked Rocky Knob, we discussed the possibility of purchasing or starting our own bed and breakfast. The more we talked, the more excited we became. At last we were crossing over a small stream. As the morning sun glistened through the dew washed leaves, Chris took me by the hand to lead me over the slippery stones. In that moment he kissed me and said, “If I knew the Lord wanted this for us, I would sell everything I own and move you to Virginia.”

That night in our room, we began a 3 year timeline to sell businesses, property and land to make our dream come true. With determination and much prayer and declaration, our Destiny is now our Reality. Welcome to StoneHaven…A treasure in Floyd, Virginia! 

We look forward to serving you,

Our Mission

Our mission here at StoneHaven is to provide you with exceptional service and care.  We hope your stay will indeed leave the word “haven” branded in your subconscious as you unwind and take in the beautiful mountain of Floyd, Virginia. 

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Feel free to contact us by submitting the form below and/or calling us for more information. We look forward to having you to stay!